Mattress Protector Plastic is Your Miracle Waterproof Layer

Mattress Protector Plastic is Your Miracle Waterproof Layer

Accidents happen. But don't let potty training toddlers or an excited puppy turn your beauty sleep into a sleepless night scrubbing a mattress till your hands turn raw.

The answer is simple - Sleepsteady mattress protectors come with an industry leading waterproof barrier. This thin layer prevents all liquids, dust mites and allergens from entering your mattress. While still being breathable to let air flow through to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. It really is a miracle.

Accident? All you’ve got to do is take your mattress protector off, throw it in the wash, and put it back on. Good as new, and no messy stains to clean up. Your mattress stays clean and dry, and your family sleeps soundly.

Just one caveat— not all mattress protector plastic is created equally. Know the difference before you buy, and you’ll come out happier for it.

Plastic vs Polyurethane

First thing’s first. Mattress protector plastic is either plastic or polyurethane. Both work to keep your mattress clean, but there are important similarities and differences between the two.


  • Prevents liquids from soaking into your mattress.
  • Crinkles when you move, which can keep you up nights.
  • Stops pests like dust mites and bed bugs from invading your mattress.
  • Retains heat. If you’re already a hot sleeper, prepare to double your sweat.


  • Locks out moisture so your mattress stays dry.
  • Ultra-soft and quiet. Move around all you want, you won’t hear a thing.
  • Keeps out allergy-inducing dust mites and bed bugs so you don’t wake up stuffy.
  • Super-thin, undetectable, and totally breathable so you stay cool while you sleep.

And the Winner Is…?

Polyurethane does everything plastic does, only better. And it has a few extra benefits that plastic just can’t match. The winner here is pretty clear. Polyurethane by a knockout. Sleepsteady mattress protectors only use polyurethane, so you’re guaranteed a good night’s sleep. Order a waterproof mattress protector today, and help your family sleep cool and dry all night long.

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