Buying a mattress is a big investment.

Whether it's $500 or $1500, you want to protect that investment and make sure your mattress lasts.

That's where mattress protectors come in. They sort of act like an insurance policy for your mattress. 

The problem is - most mattress companies know this, and use fear to try and upsell you on an over-priced mattress protector that won't even last a year!

Our goal at Sleepsteady was to design the highest quality mattress protector we could, and then scratch and claw to offer it to you at the most affordable price possible.

That's why when we chose our materials, we knew we had to go with an ultra soft, eco-friendly Tencel™ top layer.

Tencel™ is sustainably produced from natural sources. The fibres wick away moisture from your body to keep your cool and dry all night long. It's naturally hypoallergenic, so it's safe for every member of the family. Tencel™ is often described as "soft as silk, as absorbent as cotton, and as breathable as linen". That sounds pretty good to us.

Below the Tencel™ top layer is a thin layer of polyurethane. This is PVC and vinyl free and provides the 100% waterproof barrier that you are looking for. Sweat, spills and accidents? Not a problem with a SleepSteady mattress protector.

The Tencel™ top layer is breathable and allows air to move freely around your body, the polyurethane bottom layer works silently to protect your investment from any liquids. If something happens, simply wash your SleepSteady and it's ready to go to work again.

We engineering our side skirts with 120gsm polyester. That's 50% thicker and stronger than our competitors. This material is guaranteed not to rip or tear, and it stretches to fit any type of mattress up to 18 inches deep.

We spent alot of time designing our mattress protector. Our team uses it on all of their mattresses - I hope you do aswell.

Any questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact us.