Baby Bedding Made Easy with a Crib Mattress Protector

Baby Bedding Made Easy with a Crib Mattress Protector

Babies are cuddly, adorable, and messy. We love them no matter what, and that means we want the best for them. A crib is only step one on the road to their comfort. Protecting their crib so it stays clean, and your baby stays healthy, is step two.

A mattress protector for cribs is an easy way to keep your baby safe. Stop dust mites and bed bugs from attacking their delicate systems, prevent stains from seeping in and leaving an unsanitary mess, and help your baby sleep comfortably.

Do You Really Need a Mattress Protector for a Crib?

Do you even need to ask? With all the diapers, baby drool, and spit ups, a mattress protector for your crib should be at the top of your must-haves. There’s no way around it, your baby needs one just as much as you do. Try cleaning your baby’s crib without a mattress protector. Those stains and stinky messes are never coming out. Even if you can’t see them, you know they’re still there.

The last thing you want is bacteria and mold growing where your baby sleeps. But that’s the kind of thing you’ve got to look forward to if you skip the mattress protector. Make things easy on yourself and look for a Tencel mattress protector for a crib.

Top 5 Features Your Baby Can’t Do Without

When it comes to babies, comfort and practicality go hand in hand. You need something that won’t chafe their sensitive skin, but it’s also got to be easy to clean. A mattress protector for a crib should make your life easier, not harder. So what should you look for?

  1. Ultra-Soft: Tencel fabric is softer and quieter than other types of material. It gently cradles your baby and won’t crinkle when they move around so they sleep soundly.
  2. Waterproof: Diapers leak. The right mattress protector will have a waterproof barrier that stops liquids from getting to your mattress. It locks moisture out so your baby stays dry.
  3. Breathable: A hot baby is a cranky baby. Tencel allows air to move through the mattress protector while keeping moisture at bay. Your baby stays cool and comfy.
  4. Washable: Don’t wash the mattress, wash the mattress protector. Sleepsteady protectors are machine washable and safe for the dryer. It makes cleanup a cinch.
  5. Hypoallergenic: Dust mites don’t discriminate. They invade crib mattresses just as easily as full-sized ones. A mattress protector keeps them out so your baby can sleep in peace.

Which Mattress Protector is Best for Your Baby?

You want a mattress protector that fits snuggly around your baby’s mattress so it stays in place without pulling loose, and one that’s as soft and cuddly as they are. Bonus if you find a company that makes mattress protectors in all sizes, so you can easily update things as your baby grows.

Sleepsteady mattress protectors come in the Crib and Mini-Crib sizes will add to your baby's comfort while making cleanup alot easier for you. Your baby can sleep soundly, rest easily, and wake up refreshed with Sleepsteady.

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