Stay Clean & Sanitary with a Mattress Protector for Blood

Stay Clean & Sanitary with a Mattress Protector for Blood

Blood is notoriously hard to get out of a mattress. Stain removers might make a dent, but they’ll never be able to make it new again. Bacteria builds up, and then things start to smell. And no one wants to sleep on a stinky, bacteria-filled mattress.

Stop blood stains before they start with a mattress protector for blood. A Sleepsteady stops stains, keeps things hygienic, and extends the life of your mattress. Oh yeah, they’re also machine washable.

Stop Blood Stains with a Mattress Protector

Cuts, scrapes, and periods happen. If you want a clean, hygienic mattress that lasts for years instead of months, use a Sleepsteady mattress protector for blood.

  • Polyurethane: This protective layer is completely waterproof and stops any kind of liquid, even blood, from soaking through to your mattress.
  • Tencel: It’s ultra-soft and super-absorbent. Tencel wicks away moisture to keep you and your mattress dry all night long.
  • Breathable: If your mattress protector is hot and sticky, you won’t want to use it. Sleepsteady protectors let air through while keeping liquids out.
  • Hypoallergenic: Dust mites and bed bugs are attracted to blood. A mattress protector prevents them from burrowing into your mattress and making a home there.

Cleanup Just Got Easier

Sleepsteady mattress protectors are easy to clean. Just follow four simple rules, and they’ll come out good as new every time.

  • DO machine wash warm
  • DO tumble dry medium
  • DON'T iron. High high ruins the fabric's superpowers.
  • DON'T bleach or dry clean. Harsh chemicals destroy the protective layers.

See, there’s nothing tricky about it. The key thing to remember is to wash your mattress protector as soon as you can. The faster you get blood out, the longer your mattress protector will last.

Get a Sleepsteady today, and stop worrying about stains tomorrow. You’ll sleep better knowing you and your family are protected.

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