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Sleepsteady Mattress Protector

Keep your mattress feeling brand new with our 100% waterproof and breathable mattress protector. The ultra soft Tencel™ top layer is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. The polyurethane waterproof barrier protects your mattress while giving you a good night’s sleep.


Everything You Need in a Mattress Protector

  • 100% WaterproofThe polyurethane barrier stops liquids from entering your mattresses
  • HypoAllergenicProtects you against dust mites and allergens for a clean and hygenic sleep
  • BreathableThe high performance moisture barrier keeps moisture out - but let’s air in
  • Naturally CoolingTemperature regulating Tencel™ fabric wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry
  • ComfortableUnlike older mattress protectors, the ultra soft Tencel™ protector doesn’t give off a crinkly noise
  • Long LastingUltra durable with a stretchable and strong elastic grip giving your long lasting protection

Making the Sleepsteady Mattress Protector

  • 1

    Tencel™ Top Layer

    Ultra soft, eco-friendly Tencel™ fibers wick away moisture from the body and are naturally cooling to the touch.
  • 2

    Waterproof Bottom Layer

    Polyurethane shields your mattress from spills, accidents and sweat. PVC & vinyl free. So quiet you won't know it's there.
  • 3

    Ultra Strong Skirt

    100% Polyester side skirt is strong and durable. Guaranteed not to tear or rip. Stretches to fit all mattresses up to 18 inches deep.

Product specs

  • Features

    • Reliably Waterproof: 100% waterproof with our Liquid Barrier Membrane stopping liquids, spills and perspiration from entering your mattress.
    • Cooling: Thermal regulating with advanced TencelTM technology that wicks away moisture from your body keeping you cool all night long.
    • Hypoallergenic: Made of hypoallergenic materials and protects against dust mites and allergens for stuffy sleepers and kids.
    • Breathable: Our Liquid Shield Membrane is made of breathable polyurethane letting flow through and keeping liquids out.
    • Soft & Comfortable: The Tencel™ top layer is super soft and adds a layer of luxury to your mattress.
    • Ultra Strong Skirt: Incredibly durable strength side skirt has a deep pocket design to fit snug on any mattress up to 18” deep.
  • Care Instructions

    • Machine wash warm water
    • Tumble dry medium heat
    • Do not iron
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not dry clean
  • Guarantee & Warranty

    • 90 Night Sleep Guarantee: 100% waterproof with our Liquid Barrier Membrane stopping liquids, spills and perspiration from entering your mattress.
    • 5 Year Warranty: Thermal regulating with advanced TencelTM technology that wicks away moisture from your body keeping you cool all night long.
  • Shipping & Returns

    • Shipping: 100% waterproof with our Liquid Barrier Membrane stopping liquids, spills and perspiration from entering your mattress.
    • Returns: Thermal regulating with advanced TencelTM technology that wicks away moisture from your body keeping you cool all night long.

Worry-Free Sleep

Spills don't stand a chance

Tencel™ fibers are as soft as silk, more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen. You will never sleep on a terry cotton mattress protector again.

See Why Our Customers Love Their Sleepsteady!

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  • LD
    Lilly D.
    1 day ago
    I gave birth to my daughter in bed and the mattress stayed clean

    I bought this waterproof mattress protector because I was really worried about my water breaking in my bed. We had just moved and bought a brand new King sized bed. It cost a lot of money so I definitely didn’t ruin it!

    I ended up going into labor at night and my labor went so quickly that I had my daughter in my bed with the EMTs in the room! The next day when we came back home, our bedroom was a pretty rough scene to say the least! My husband threw away our sheets and protector, but we were shocked that the mattress was dry and clean as ever. We even talked about sleeping in our guest room when we were in the hospital thinking that our mattress was done. He bought another Sleepsteady protector right away and we have been using it ever since. This has got to be the craziest test for the protector and it totally held up! We’ve told our friends and family about the story and quite a few of them ended up buying this protector.

  • KS
    Kira S.
    1 day ago
    Waterproof for a 3 year old’s bed

    I bought the protector for my 3 year old’s new bed. She was fully potty trained, but was in a stage where she started wetting the bed at night again. The previous mattress protector started leaking through and left a big stain on her mattress. We bought this protector because my sister had bought one for her little boy’s mattress and said it worked. Everytime she wets the bed now, I don’t have to worry. Nothing ever goes through even with some heavy duty accidents. Yes I would recommend this protector.

  • CM
    Carrie M.
    1 day ago
    Sick kid, clean mattress

    After researching a bunch of mattress protectors, I got this one. We had just bought a new mattress. I wanted to protect it right away because my husband sweat at night. When I bought it, I was worrying about my husband, but I didn’t even think about what my 8 year old would do to it! Last month, my son was sick so he slept in our bed and let’s just say liquids were coming out all over the place. After taking off the sheets and peeling back the mattress protector, we saw that the mattress was untouched! Still looked brand new! I was so relieved. I ended up spot cleaning the protector and then throwing it into the washer. The protector looked exactly the same with no stains!! Very grateful that this protector worked.

  • TF
    Travis F.
    1 day ago
    It's good enough

    I bought this mattress protector because of the solid reviews. It is cool to the touch, does feel very quality and fits my mattress well. Overall, it is a good mattress protector. I ended up spilling milk on my sheets and the mattress protector did work well. No milk got through to the mattress. The reason why I only gave it 4 stars is because it does slide a little bit. I could feel the difference when I didn’t have it on the mattress and when I did. But in the end, it’s better to have the protection than not.

  • AR
    Travis F.
    1 day ago
    Really comfortable for a mattress protector

    Before buying this protector, I had pretty low expectations about mattress protectors. I had a mattress protector on my childhood bed. It crinkled every time I moved and felt like I was lying on a plastic sheet. So when I bought a new mattress for college, I didn’t want to use a mattress protector, but my parents convinced me I needed it. I read reviews that this mattress protector was really soft, quiet and comfortable. I was pretty skeptical, but I bought one anyway because of the good reviews. When it arrived, I opened the package and felt the top of the protector and it was next level soft. I tested it right away on my mattress to make sure it felt good when I lied down. It felt great! No crinkly noise and it actually made my mattress feel softer. I have had it for 4 months and am very happy with it!

  • JL
    Jasmine L.
    1 day ago
    Dog-proof AND waterproof!

    When I got the mattress protector, I had a hard time believing that it would actually be waterproof... it didn’t look or feel like it would be. I needed it because my dog always sleeps with me and I didn’t want to get any pet dander in my mattress. One night, my dog got sick at night. We were about to go to bed and he puked on my duvet...I took off my duvet and then he peed on my sheets. Poor guy was so sick he couldn’t get up. So the pee stayed on him and the mattress for a few hours. Once he got a bit of energy, I took off the sheets and protector and the mattress was clean. It wasn’t even damp at all. I put it into the wash with vinegar and the protector came out clean with no stains. If you have a dog, get this protector. I was so relieved to see that my mattress wasn’t damaged and that my dog felt way better the next day.

  • RR
    Ruth R.
    1 day ago
    Great waterproof replacement

    I bought the queen sized mattress protector. I wanted to replace my old mattress protector that said it was waterproof but it wasn’t!!! I was drinking tea in my bed and accidently spilled it onto my sheets. I thought it was fine because I had a mattress protector on but it went right through and left a stain. Now my mattress warranty is void!!! (Yes, most mattress companies void your mattress warranty if you get a stain on it. I didn’t know that!) I am still pretty upset about it. My friend told me about the Sleepsteady mattress protector that had worked when she spilled wine on her bed. I bought one and I really liked the feel of it. Right away I tested it by pouring water on it. I left it for a few hours and the mattress was not damp at all. At least now I found a waterproof mattress protector even if my mattress warranty is void. If you are buying a new mattress protector, buy this one. There are so many protectors that claim they are, but they aren’t.

  • CG
    Carla G.
    1 day ago
    Tencel is the way to go

    I just bought a new mattress with new Tencel sheets. I LOVE my tencel sheets - They are so soft, naturally cooling which is great for my husband and hypoallergenic. I started looking for a mattress protector and was surprised to find a protector that was also made of Tencel. There were lots of good reviews, it was a good price and I liked the sleep guarantee and warranty. So I bought it. The protector is actually softer than my sheets! I’m really happy with my purchase and it just adds to the comfort of my bed.

  • ST
    Shawna T.
    1 day ago
    Does it's job pretty well

    I bought this for my son’s twin bed. He has wet the bed a few times since and everytime the mattress protector works. Here is a breakdown of what I think:


    Actually waterproof (tested)

    Soft and no crinkly noise

    Good price for quality

    Durable construction

    Washed many times and still in good shape


    Sheets do move a bit with it

    Overall, it’s a good product. I ended up buying one for my bed. Didn’t give it a perfect score because there is one con. Hope this is helpful to future buyers!

  • AF
    Ashton F.
    1 day ago
    Great value for a hot sleeper

    I was looking for a mattress protector and my friend told me about the Sleepsteady protector that he recently bought. The price seemed good for the quality so I bought one. The protector is really comfortable and I like how it’s naturally cooling because I sleep hot. I was thinking of buying a new mattress with a cooling gel top layer, but I thought I would try this out. I have noticed I don’t sweat as much at night since I put it on my mattress. I would buy it again.

  • KT
    Kelly T.
    1 day ago
    Potty training rescue!

    I came across Sleepsteady while looking for a new twin sized mattress protector for my little girl. I had a mattress protector on my bed but I didn’t want to buy from the same brand because the waterproof side of the mattress protector was falling apart (I had only bought it 6 months earlier). Lame! My 3 year old girl’s mattress protector HAD TO BE WATERPROOF! Once we got the mattress protector, we started potty training and it has been a dream! There have been countless accidents and the mattress protector has worked every time. Clean up is the same as my sheets. I just toss it into the washing machine. I ended up buying one for my bed as a replacement and also, an extra one for my daughter’s bed. When there are nighttime accidents, I throw the sheets and protector into the washing machine and put the extra protector on the bed. Since the protector is soft and hypoallergenic, she sleeps right on top of the protector so I don’t have to worry about putting another set of sheets on in the middle of the night. Night time accidents aren't a big deal and my daughter never feels any shame around it (which is really important to me!). I would recommend it to any other potty training mom out there!

  • AD
    Amber D.
    1 day ago
    Approved by a clean-freak

    I am a self proclaimed clean freak and germaphobe. So I would never sleep on my mattress without a mattress protector. I don’t want dust mites or allergens in my bed. I have bought from a few different companies and haven’t found one that is completely waterproof, and also comfortable and soft. Everytime I get one I test it with water to make sure it works. You would be surprised how many mattress protectors say they are waterproof and they are not!! I think Sleepsteady has been my sixth mattress protector and I think sixth time's the charm. I tested it right when I got it and it was definitely waterproof. It also is sooo soft and feels comfortable on my mattress. I bought one for the other beds in my house. My youngest has also tested it many times with pee accidents at night and it has held up. I wash it probably way more than I should and it still looks great. Highly recommend it!!!

  • LD
    Leena D.
    1 day ago
    GREAT buy!

    I researched a bunch of mattress companies and bought this one because of the good reviews, 90 night guarantee and it’s made of a natural material. It has been great for my little one’s bed. She has had a few accidents as well as a juice spill and everything the mattress looks untouched. It is a great buy and I recommend this mattress protector to anyone!!

  • DT
    Diana T.
    1 day ago
    My picky husband approves

    I bought this mattress protector because my husband is super picky!! I had bought 2 mattress protectors from different brands before and he complained about both. The first made noise when he moved and the second wasn’t breathable and made him sweat. So I was on a mission to find a replacement that he wouldn’t complain about! I bought this one because it was made of Tencel and was naturally cooling. Also, for the Liquid shield membrane that is breathable and doesn’t make noise. I read the reviews and people said that it is super soft so that was a bonus. I put in on my bed and didn’t tell my husband. I told him after a couple of nights and he was shocked. HE DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE IT WAS THERE! And he notices the smallest things! There was no noise, it was comfortable and it was breathable! So thank you Sleepsteady!! I don’t have to deal with my husband's complaints anymore (at least for a mattress protector)!

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