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8 Reasons Why Busy Moms Are Switching To This Tencel™ Mattress Protector

Sleepsteady’s Tencel™ Mattress Protector has skyrocketed to fame in the USA, with a massive fanbase of 10,000+ happy moms, swearing they’ll “never sleep on any other protector again!”

Sleepsteady’s Tencel™ Mattress Protector has skyrocketed to fame in the USA, with a massive fanbase of 10,000+ happy moms, swearing they’ll “never sleep on any other protector again!”

Mattress Protector
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Over 10,000+ Happy Customers With 5-Star Reviews 

Sleepsteady has created a huge buzz among American mothers with their durable and extra comfy mattress protectors.

With thousands of 5-star reviews, This Tencel™ Mattress Protector quickly became the go-to for busy moms.

Waterproof Protector


100% Waterproof Protection From All Accidents

Coffee spills, potty training kids and pets will always be a danger to your beloved mattress...

The "Advanced Liquid Shield" membrane will stop any and all liquids from penetrating and staining your expensive mattress.


Tencel™ Protectors Naturally Stay Cool & Comfy — ALWAYS!

Getting hot and uncomfortable overnight?

Breathable Tencel™ fabric wicks away moisture from your body, keeping you cool and dry all night long, so you can enjoy a rejuvenating sleep.

Tencel protector
Softness Meter


Adds A Luxurious Ultra-Soft Feel For A Good Night’s Sleep

You no longer have to compromise your sleep quality with cheap cotton protectors. 

The premium Tencel™ fibers are 10x softer than cotton and add a layer of comfort and luxury to your mattress.


Naturally Hypoallergenic & Eco-Friendly

Tencel™ protectors are naturally hypoallergenic and protects from dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens. 

It also prevents mold growth by preventing moisture from getting into the mattress — perfect for families with kids, pets, and stuffy sleepers! 

Naturally Hypoallergenic
Snug Fit


Snug Fit — You Won't Even Know It’s There! 

Say goodbye to annoying protectors that keep slipping and bunching up under your sheet, turning your bed into an uncomfortable mess.

The ultra-strong side skirt is 50% stronger than traditional protectors, keeping everything in its place so you can rest comfortably throughout the night.


Ultimate Protection Without The Price Tag 

Most traditional cotton protectors aren’t breathable, comfortable, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, noise-free, or temperature-regulating — let alone all in one.

Tencel™ Mattress Protectors offer every feature you want in a mattress protector, for an affordable price.

Ultimate Protection
Try it Risk Free


Try It Risk-Free For 90 Nights!

If you are unsatisfied with our mattress protector for any reason, you can send it back to us within 90 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

It's Obvious Why Busy Moms Call Sleepsteady Their Lifesaver

98% of our satisfied customers would recommend it to family or friends

Laura S.

Laura S.

SAVED My Tempurpedic Mattress!

Last night, my 4yo wet the bed. I was sure my expensive Tempurpedic mattress was TOAST but to my surprise, not a drop made it through to the mattress! This protector has saved us from a very costly disaster!

Melissa L.

Melissa L.

No Mess Or Stains!

The last mattress protector that I owned had more of a cheap plastic feeling. I was complaining about night sweats until I decided to give Sleepsteady a try. I’m extremely satisfied with how breathable and long-lasting the material is. Super comfortable and easy to put on!

Margot R.

Margot R.

Approved By A Clean Freak!

It is sooo soft and feels comfortable on my mattress. My youngest has tested it many times with pee accidents at night and it has held up. I wash it probably way more than I should and it still looks great. Highly recommend it!!!

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Sleepsteady Mattress

4.9 (1,289 Reviews)

Sleepsteady Mattress Protector

#1 Choice Of Moms For Worry-Free Mattress Protection

100% waterproof against all spills & stains

Ultra-soft Tencel™ top adds cooling comfort

Completely noise-free and discreet protection

Free Returns

Free Returns

For 90 days

5 year

5 year


Free shipping

Free Shipping

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