A Tencel Mattress Protector is the Best Protection For Your Bed

A Tencel Mattress Protector is the Best Protection For Your Bed

Know what makes us sad? A brand new, expensive mattress that’s been stained, dirtied, and dropped in the garbage heap before it’s even a year old. Sound like a nightmare? It doesn't have to. A Sleepsteady Tencel mattress protector keeps your mattress looking clean, smelling good, and extends the life of your mattress so you save money and rest easier.

What is a Tencel Mattress Protector?

Simply put - Tencel. Is. Awesome. It’s an eco-friendly fabric made from wood pulp that’s turned into yarn. It’s soft, smooth, and completely sustainable.

  • Toxin-Free: Only toxin-free chemicals are used, so even those with sensitive skin can sleep on a Tencel mattress protector without worries.
  • Sustainable: It’s made from natural, recyclable materials that are biodegradable, so it won’t hurt the environment. Ever.
  • Affordable: A Sleepsteady Tencel mattress protector is an affordable option that does the job right without putting a crimp in your pocketbook.

What Makes Tencel the Best?

There are a lot of options out there: bamboo, cotton, polyester… but we’re sort of in love with Tencel. It’s got amazing features other mattress protectors just don’t have. Ready to fall head over heels?

  • Ultra-Soft: Sure, bamboo and cotton are soft too, but nothing beats Tencel in terms of smoothness and velvety touch.
  • Hypoallergenic: Dust mites and bed bugs stay back when Tencel shows up. If you’ve got allergies, you’ll sleep better the first night out.
  • Cooling: Tencel is naturally cooling. It wicks away moisture and regulates body temperature so even hot sleepers stay dry and cool.
  • Waterproof: Pets and kids have “accidents.” Don’t freak out. Tencel stops liquids from soaking in so your mattress stays clean and stain-free.

If you toss, turn, and wake up a thousand times during the night, a Sleepsteady can turn things around. Our Tencel mattress protector keeps your bed clean and cool so you go to be relaxed and wake up refreshed. Pick up a Sleepsteady now, and get the sleep you deserve.

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