How a Mattress Protector with Zipper Works and Why You Need It

How a Mattress Protector with Zipper Works and Why You Need It

A good night’s sleep is the ultimate of all life’s comforts. But it’s hard to achieve when bed bugs find their way into your nightly routine. A top-quality mattress protector with a zipper keeps your mattress clean, cool, and free from pests. Rest easy and wake up refreshed.

What’s the Deal With the Zipper?

A mattress protector with a zipper, also called an encasement, surrounds your whole mattress from top to bottom, side to side, and corner to corner. They literally go up and under your bed so there’s not an inch of space that isn’t covered.

Why would you want one? The biggest reason is bed bugs. If you’re worried about getting them, a mattress protector with a zipper can make sure you don’t.

Zipper vs No Zipper: The Pros and Cons

There’s a lot of info fluttering through the web on the benefits and complaints of an encasement mattress. We tried to lay them all out for you here.


  • Stops bed bugs from getting into your mattress.


  • Encasement protectors are more expensive. Like a lot more.
  • Cleaning them isn’t as easy, even with a washing machine.
  • It only keeps bed bugs off your mattress. The rest of your furniture is still up for grabs.
  • If you’ve already got bed bugs, you could end up trapping them and make the problem worse.

In the end, most people decide the cons of a mattress protector with a zipper outweigh the pros. But everyone’s situation is different. Weigh them out and decide what’s right for you.

It Comes Down to Personal Preference

When it comes to mattress protectors with a zipper, there’s no right or wrong choice. If bed bugs are keeping you up nights, by all means, get the zipper. If not, think about getting a high-quality mattress protector by Sleepsteady that offers waterproof protection, cooling fabric, and allergy relief at a price that doesn’t hurt.

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