Stay Dry and Comfy All Night Long with a Mattress Protector for Sweat

Stay Dry and Comfy All Night Long with a Mattress Protector for Sweat

It’s not easy getting to sleep when your bed is hot mess. Thin sheets or no sheets, it won’t matter if your mattress protector is trapping heat and making things sizzle. You need a mattress protector for sweat. That means you’re looking for 100% waterproof protection, top-notch breathability, and unmatched cooling power. Sleepsteady has you covered on all counts.

Everything You Need to Stay Cool, Dry, and Comfy

A mattress protector for sweat should do two things: cool you down and stop sweat stains from ruining your mattress. Sleepsteady mattress protectors do exactly that.

  • Cooling Tencel: Lightweight and breathable, Tencel actually regulates your body temperature while you sleep, so you stay cool the entire night through.
  • Breathable Polyurethane: This 100% waterproof layer lets air in while keeping moisture out. Air gets a chance to circulate, so heat won’t get trapped and you stay cool.
  • Naturally Absorbent: Tencel wicks moisture away from your skin so even if you do start sweating, you and your bed both stay dry.
  • Stain Blocker: Since your body temp stays cool, you’re less likely to sweat. Even if you do, the polyurethane stops it from getting through, so your mattress won’t stain.

Staying cool shouldn’t be so hard. Get the right mattress protector for sweat, and can rest easy and wake up refreshed.

The Best Mattress Protector for Sweat

Sleepsteady mattress protectors are made with hot sleepers in mind. A first-rate blending of polyurethane and Tencel allows air to flow, keeps you dry, and allows for maximum cooling potential. You won’t wake up to damp sheets and a soggy mess, you’ll wake up dry and ready to face your day.

An added bonus? Whoever sleeps next to you stays dry too. Your sweat won’t impinge on your spouse’s night’s sleep, so no one wakes up grumpy. A drier bed, a happier spouse, a cleaner mattress. Get a Sleepsteady now, and make life better.

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