Stay Dry During Potty Training with a Mattress Protector

Stay Dry During Potty Training with a Mattress Protector

Potty training is exciting, frustrating, and often times—wet. It’s worth the time and effort, but try telling yourself that at two in the morning when your toddler won’t stop screaming and the stain is setting in.

If you want a clean mattress and a good night’s sleep, you need a mattress protector for potty training. It’s not magic, it’s not rocket science, it’s a simple way to keep things dry that offers amazing results.

What to Look for in a Mattress Protector?

When our kids are potty training and you’re running on espresso and no sleep, it’s easy to grab the first mattress protector you see, but don’t. There are key things you should be looking for. The right mattress protector for potty training is a blessing. The wrong one is a disaster.

Here’s everything you need and none of what you don’t.

  • Polyurethane: It’s kind of a big word, but this waterproof layer lets air in while holding liquids back. Stay dry and cool all night long.
  • Hypoallergenic: Dust mites and bed bugs are attracted to bedding, especially moist bedding. Hypoallergenic protectors lock pests out so allergies can’t creep in.
  • Cooling Tencel: Some waterproof fabrics trap heat. Tencel cools your core and wicks away moisture, so even sweaty sleepers stay comfortable.
  • Machine Washable: Make sure your mattress protector is machine washable. Save time by tossing it in the machine instead of washing it by hand.

5 Tips for Staying Dry

The right waterproof mattress protector plus a little know-how will keep your potty-training toddler happy, healthy, and dry, and give you a few minutes to breathe. Here’s our top 5 tips to making the most out of your mattress protector.

  1. Make sure it fits - Mattress protectors aren’t one size fits all. Get the size that’s right for your bed and make sure you stretch it all the way across, just like a sheet.
  2. Don't let accidents sit - When accidents happen, clean them up fast. Allowing them to sit can reduce the life of your mattress protector.
  3. Keep it clean - Sleepsteady mattress protectors are machine washable. Throw them in the machine every few weeks, and they’ll keep working hard for you.
  4. Don't bleach or iron - Harsh chemicals and high heat can destroy your mattress protector and reduce its ability to block liquids. Wash warm, tumble dry medium.
  5. Replace when dry - After you wash and dry your mattress protector, put it back on the bed. Don’t wait till later, or the next accident is a disaster waiting to happen.

The Best Mattress Protector for Potty Training

Sleepsteady Tencel mattress protectors are waterproof, affordable, and machine washable. They’ll keep your child’s bed clean and make your job that much easier. No more scrubbing mattresses at two in the morning, just peel the sheets off when you need to and toss them in the machine.

Sleepsteady protectors are made with Tencel and polyurethane, so you get 100% waterproof protection while staying cool and comfy. Make potty training easier on you and your kid, get a Sleepsteady today.

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